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'Ik Koop Belgisch / J'Achète Belge' logo now available for use in your own brand campaign!

'Ik Koop Belgisch / J'Achète Belge' logo now available for use in your own brand campaign!

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The list of Belgian* fashion and design brands is long and diverse. ‘Ik Koop Belgisch / J’Achète Belge’ has something to offer for any style and budget. With ‘Ik Koop Belgisch / J’Achète Belge’, Flanders DC; together with the support of MAD Brussels, WBDM and Creamoda; puts the spotlight on local brands and encourages consumers to be proud of their Belgian purchases.

We are happy to provide you with an ‘Ik Koop Belgisch / J’Achète Belge’ window sticker to promote the Belgian brands you sell in your store. We just sent out the new window stickers to everyone who ever requested one. Don't have a window sticker yet? You can request one via our website But we also want to give you the opportunity to get creative with the campaign and create promo materials like badges for your staff or customers, gift wrapping, balloons, mirror stickers etc. or integrate the logo next to the Belgian items on your website or in your magazine. Let's make as many people as possible aware of the Ik Koop Belgisch / J'Achète Belge campaign!

Because we want you to be inspired, but also respect the graphic identity of our campaign, we provide you with this brand manual. Please keep these guidelines into account when using the ‘Ik Koop Belgisch / J’Achète Belge’ logo. If we notice you break the guidelines, we could ask you to remove all ‘Ik Koop Belgisch / J’Achète Belge’ branding involved. We will gladly share the logo in high res quality if you have a great idea. Please contact for more information.

Please share your #ikkoopbelgisch #jachetebelge efforts with the world on your social media channels and encourage your customers to do the same with a picture of their purchase.


*What do we consider Belgian brands? Brands that have their global HQ in Belgium and of which the creative process around the collection takes place in Belgium. Belgian production is of course an option, but is not required.

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