Antwerp's yearly fashion momentum was once again a celebration of ultra creativity ​ ​ ​

Last weekend more than 5000 fashion professionals and enthusiasts from around the world came to Antwerp, Belgium to discover the graduates from the fashion department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, next to various academy alumni that showcased and exhibited in the city and the MoMu fashion museum. ​ ​

offSHOW 2024 - installation by Florentina Leitner © Robin Joris Dullers
offSHOW 2024 - installation by Florentina Leitner © Robin Joris Dullers

Every year the graduation SHOW from the fashion students at the renowned Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp is a highlight in the agenda of fashion professionals and enthusiasts from Belgium and beyond. Each year there are also more and more fashion installations and exhibitions on display in Antwerp during the same period. ​

offSHOW 2024

offSHOW is the yearly exhibition where a selected group of fashion alumni from the Antwerp academy present their installations. offSHOW is curated by the academy's creative director Brandon Wen and organized by Flanders DC with support from the City of Antwerp.

For this year's edition Alise Anna Dzirniece, Florentina Leitner, REantwerp (with Tim Van Steenbergen and Ruth Goossens) and NONSTOP WORLDWIDE (with Yentsé) were invited to present at Office Baroque gallery. ​

Alise Anna Dzirniece ​
Originally from Latvia, from the outskirts of Riga, Alise Anna Dzirniece graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2022.

Florentina Leitner
Austrian fashion designer Florentina Leitner launched her eponymous label in 2021 after graduating from the Academy and working briefly for Dries Van Noten. Now based in Antwerp, Florentina is inspired by strong female characters, and known for her colorful prints, innovative textile combinations, 3D flowers and statement accessories.


NONSTOP WORLDWIDE is a new trans-season fashion label for the modern globalist, founded by Yentsé JIN who graduated from the Academy in 2021. Inspired by UNIVERSALITY, the fast pace and diversity of fashion around the world, NSWW is here to break down the codes and conventions within the fashion industry, releasing new designs based on drops rather than dates, in a fluidity that is neither masculine nor feminine.

REantwerp (w/ Tim Van Steenbergen) ​
In 2023 Belgian designer Tim Van Steenbergen, journalist Ruth Goossens and non-profit Gatam founded REantwerp, the studio where refugees create high-end fashion items from deadstock materials and recycled textiles from Belgian designers and textile companies. ​
Guided by GATAM, the atelier works with the crafts and stories from refugees, thus lending them recognition and a future in society, while they enrich the wardrobes.

More photo's from offSHOW exhibition:
More photo's from the opening event:
More photo's from the opening drink:


The Antwerp Fashion Museum 'MoMu' houses the largest collection of contemporary Belgian fashion in the world. Many visitors last week stopped by for the current exhibition that explores the oeuvre of Belgian photographer Willy Vanderperre. His editorial work appears in magazines such as AnOther Magazine, iD, Vogue and W Magazine.
The exhibition highlights how Vanderperre’s fascination with youth has been a motivational force for almost three decades. The overview of his photographic practice explores the evolution of its visual language, as well as the years of collaboration with Olivier Rizzo and Raf Simons.

Recently added is the pop-up ‘DO NOTHING CLUB’, an installation by Belgian designer and Antwerp Academy alumni Meryll Rogge and Swiss artist Beni Bischof. ​
On Saturday visitors could join a talk by Meryll Rogge with UK broadcaster and journalist Danielle Radocjin. ​ ​

For more info on MoMu: WILLY VANDERPERRE prints, films, a rave and more... / MoMu - Fashion Museum Antwerp

EXPO & SHOW 2024

On Friday and Saturday the crowds moved towards the city's waterfront to visit the Waagnatie event hall, scene for the renowned graduation show that the academy organises every year and in which all students get a moment to showcase their talent.

The commitment, artistry and creativity of the students together with the fashion show's scenography and choreography made it once again an unforgettable experience for all.

This year the master students numbered 18. The exceptionally large class also housed five Belgian students: Pommie Dierick, Guilaume Gossen, Sofia Rodriguez Rodriguez, Gabrielle Swarcenberg and Margot Verstuyft.

During the day on Saturday the 18 master students exhibited their work via beautiful installations in the academy for the jury, press and public.

For more info on the masters, the video recording of the SHOW: SHOW 2024 | AP School Of Arts

More info and pictures are being added here

Stefan Ceunen

Stefan Ceunen

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