Dirk Wynants, Nathalie Van der Massen, Zaventem Ateliers and JUUNOO are the big winners of the Henry van de Velde Awards 24! (EMBARGO UNTIL 23.01.2024 22H00)

On Tuesday the 23rd of January 2024, during the 30th edition of the Henry van de Velde Awards, Flanders DC presented the Gold Awards for the categories Lifetime Achievement, Young Talent, Company, Ecodesign by OVAM Award, Business Innovation, Consumer, Crafts, Design Research, Digital Product, Environment, Graphics, Habitat, Spaces and Public.

Please pay attention: nobody of the winners, except the four main categories (Lifetime Achievement, Young Talent, Company & Ecodesign by OVAM Award), is aware of their prize.

For 30 years, the Henry van de Velde Awards have recognized products, projects, services, and systems from designers and companies in Flanders. These accolades are bestowed upon creations that, through thoughtful design, have a positive and remarkable impact on our economy, environment and society. Annually presented by Flanders DC, these esteemed design prizes maintain their status as Belgium's foremost design distinctions. In this 30th edition, the chosen winners exemplify the ongoing pursuit of innovation in the world of design.

In November 2023, Flanders DC announced the first winners of the Henry van de Velde Awards 24. From more than 200 unique submissions, over 100 proceeded to the second selection round. A professional jury then selected 27 winners across 9 categories. On the 23rd of January 2024, at Bozar in Brussels, the Henry van de Velde Gold Award Winner was presented for each category, along with awards for Lifetime Achievement, Young Talent, Company and Ecodesign by OVAM. In the months prior to the Awards the audience also had the ability to vote for one of the 27 winners to become the Public Award winner.

These are the 14 Henry van de Velde Gold Awards winners:

1. Lifetime Achievement Gold Award: Dirk Wynants

This year, the jury honors entrepreneur and designer Dirk Wynants with the Lifetime Achievement Gold Award for his bold vision and impact on the design world. Additionally, he is recognized as the driving force behind the garden furniture company Extremis, which is an economic success story and excels in originality and simplicity, as well as functionality and efficiency.

The professional jury elaborates: "He is a pioneer in many areas and has helped put Belgian design on the map far beyond our borders. Dirk is not afraid to jump and take responsibility. He also connects designers, for whom he is an inspiring example. He continues to reinvent himself and evolve along with today's challenges."

"More than just conceiving a different form, we always strive to come up with a completely innovative idea." ​ — Dirk Wynants, designer and CEO Extremis

Read more here about Dirk Wynants.

2. Young Talent Gold Award: Nathalie Van der Massen

The jury presents the Young Talent Gold Award to Nathalie Van der Massen, who has found her niche within the sector as a textile designer. She is appreciated for the way she, in a very natural way, explores the boundary between art and design. Nathalie creates both unique work and fabrics for the home. She often works with natural materials and combines industrial and artisanal methods. She also does research in technology and innovation and has been active internationally for some time.

“They are experiences that trigger and inspire me. When I enter a place, the light streaming in can genuinely make me happy.” — Nathalie Van der Massen, textile designer

Read more here about Nathalie Van der Massen.

3. Company Gold Award: Zaventem Ateliers

The jury presents the Company Gold Award to Zaventem Ateliers because of its connecting character and impact on the design world. The company, run by Lionel Jadot, acts as a collective, bringing together the design community and creating opportunities for designers. In other words, Zaventem Ateliers goes far beyond renting out studios. It establishes an ecosystem and does 'business' in a different way, by collaborating and sharing.

Zaventem Ateliers has always been a project aimed at building a community, a project that is in many ways both philosophical and political.” — Lionel Jadot, interior architect and founder Zaventem Ateliers

Read more here about Zaventem Ateliers.

4. Ecodesign by OVAM Gold Award: JUUNOO

The jury presents the Ecodesign by OVAM Gold Award to JUUNOO, the modular wall system consisting of height-adjustable steel modules. Using a click system, the walls, which can be made of different materials, can be easily moved. The company thus creates a sustainable and ecological impact in the construction and office market. In this way, the principle of circular construction and furnishing is reinforced and widely promoted by the team behind JUUNOO..

“Design can put a turbo on sustainability.” — ​ Chris Van de Voorde, CEO JUUNOO

Read more here about JUUNOO.

5. Business Innovation Gold Award: S.P.A.T.

S.P.A.T. (Skin Prick Automated Test) is a medical device that performs skin prick tests on allergy patients in a faster and more cost-effective way. ​ S.P.A.T. is designed by Verhaert for Hippo Dx.

Read more here.


6. Consumer Gold Award: Loop Earplugs Engage

Loop Engage is the third product family of Loop Earplugs’ reusable hearing protection: earplugs for people suffering from noise oversensitivity, which can affect their mental health.

Read more here.

Loop Earplugs Engage
Loop Earplugs Engage

7. Crafts Gold Award: Robotic serendipity

Robotic serendipity enables architects to determine the appearance of concrete surfaces themselves using unique and custom cardboard panels. Robotic serendipity is developed by Lie Bormans, DMOA architecten en Research[x]Design, Dep. Architectuur, KU Leuven.

Read more here.

Robotic serendipity
Robotic serendipity

8. Design Research Gold Award: Atlas of Lost Finds

Atlas of Lost Finds is a research project that emerged following the devastating fire at the Brazilian National Museum, which reduced 18 million artefacts to ash. 3D scans produced before the fire are now one of the few remaining traces, surviving as digital ‘ghosts’. The project brings together researchers and makers to breathe new life into lost artefacts and give them a contemporary significance.

Read more here.

Atlas of Lost Finds - Marajoara
Atlas of Lost Finds - Marajoara

9. Digital Product Gold Award: Alcatraz - VR music experience

At the Alcatraz Metal Festival, the audience experience in the mosh pit is brought to wheelchair users by means of VR glasses. The virtual music experience was designed by A Mad Production for Alcatraz.

Read more here.


10. Environment Gold Award: Fairbuds XL

Fairbuds XL are modular noise-cancelling headphones designed to last a lifetime. They are fairly produced with recycled materials and are now also e-waste neutral. Fairbuds XL was designed by Studio Dott for Fairphone.

Read more here.

Fairbuds XL
Fairbuds XL

11. Graphics Gold Award: Letters op maat

Erik Desombere developed three fonts, in which mathematics and systematics play an important role. The first one was commissioned for Greenconcepts, the second evolved from the design for the new logo of Sint Lucas Antwerp, and the third is a reflection of a manual logo design from 1987 for Industrimmo.

Read more here.

Letters op maat
Letters op maat

12. Habitat Gold Award: MyGrid ModuleOne 

MyGrid ModuleOne™ was developed to meet the demand for a smart, bi-directional home battery that was more accessible for consumers both financially and practically.

Read more here.

MyGrid ModuleOne™
MyGrid ModuleOne™

13. Spaces Gold Award: Circular construction kit for learning environments

Circular construction kit for learning environments is a real-life simulation and construction kit to encourage young people aged ten to fourteen to build on a circular and bio-based basis. The construction kit was designed by design agency PG21 for Kamp C (Province of Antwerp).

Read more here.

Circulaire bouwkit voor leeromgevingen
Circulaire bouwkit voor leeromgevingen

14. Public Gold Award: Letters op maat

The audience could choose their favorite for the Public Award through an online vote. The Public Gold Award this time went to Letters op maat (Custom Letters) by Erik Desombere, who developed three fonts in which mathematics and systematic elements play a significant role.

The images of the Henry van de Velde Awards 24 ceremony will be available from Tuesday 23rd of January 2024 at 22h00 here. Through this link all of the imagery of the project of each winner is available.

Publication Henry van de Velde Awards 24

On Tuesday 23rd of January 2024 at 22h00, the Henry van de Velde Awards 24 publication will be launched. From then on, a digital copy can be ordered via this link for €10,-, excluding shipping costs (press can request a free copy via ).

In addition to an overview of all the winners and their work, the publication features in-depth interviews with the four main winners and a behind-the-scenes look at the work of the winners in the project categories. Furthermore, the publication includes an annex on 30 years of Henry van de Velde Awards with visuals, facts, and interviews. The richly illustrated publication (224 pages) is bilingual (NL-EN) and was designed by Geoffrey Brusatto.

Activiteiten Henry van de Velde Awards 24

  • Expo: Main winners

With Dirk Wynants, Nathalie Van der Massen, Zaventem Ateliers & JUUNOO
When? January 24 2024 until February 25 2024, DING Vitrine, Ghent
Where? Design Museum Ghent

  • Mini-exhibition: <Elegy>

with Kexin Zhang
When? January 24 until February 25 2024
Where? MoMu Antwerp

  • Talks: How design creates an impact (in Dutch)

with JUUNOO, LABO RUIMTE, Robinetto, Studio Dott, Casper Van Herzele, MyGrid, Thomas More PG21, CIRCL, ACE Packaging & Michaël Kruijne
When? ​ February 29 2024
Where? University of Antwerp
OVAM - in collaboration with Flanders Environment Agency

  • Webinar: Design for healthcare (in Dutch)

with Verhaert, Achilles Design, Alcatraz & Loop Earplugs
When? March 6 2024
Where? digital

  • Talk: About letters and typography (in Dutch)

with Erik Desombere ​
When? March 7 2024
Where? De Winkelhaak, Antwerp
In collaboration with ANTWERP. POWERED BY CREATIVES.

  • Lab: efficient collaboration with clients (in Dutch)

with Wisemen, Studio Dott, URA - Yves Malysse Kiki Verbeeck & Axelle Vertommen
When? March 25 2024 ​
Where? Vitra Partner Store Antwerp

  • Mini-exhibition: Tucumã

with Ysaline Ophoff (Atelier Balancê)
When? April 27 until May 26 2024
Where? MoMu Antwerp

  • Webinar: Design and heritage (in Dutch)

with CREATE.eu & Unfold
When? May 2 2024 ​
Where? digital

  • Talk: Dirk Wynants about the role of the designer in the future (in Dutch)

When? May 2 2024
Where? Buda Kitchen, Courtrai
In collaboration with Designregio Kortrijk

  • #HVDV24 x Let’s Talk Design (in Dutch)

with Tim Bisschop, Leap Forward, Adriaan Van Leuven & Zaventem Ateliers
When? May 16 2024 ​
Where? Design Museum Brussels 

  • Studio visit: Nathalie Van der Massen (in Dutch)

When? June 1 2024
Where? Antwerp

  • Talk: How craftsmanship and robotics lead to innovation (in Dutch)

with Lie Bormans
When? June 6 2024 ​
Where? Campus van het Vakmanschap, Genk
In collaboration with Bokrijk

Follow the activities here.

About the Henry van de Velde Awards

The Henry van de Velde Awards, an integral part of the design landscape since 1994, are annually presented by Flanders DC. This year, the awards are made possible through the support of our partners: the Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO), Bozar/Centre for Fine Arts, the Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM), the Flemish Environment Agency (VMM), and Bokrijk.

More information through — ​ https://www.henryvandevelde.be/

The partners of the Henry van de Velde Awards

VLAIO, the Flemish government's point of contact for all entrepreneurs in Flanders, stimulates and supports innovation and entrepreneurship and contributes to a favorable entrepreneurial climate.

Bozar offers a program of concerts and exhibitions, with offerings that fuse debates, theater, film, literature and other art forms.

OVAM ensures that we deal with waste, materials and soil in a well-considered and environmentally-conscious manner in Flanders.

The Flanders Environment Agency wants to have a positive impact on the Flemish living environment and help make it climate proof.

VAKlab, Bokrijk's expertise and service centre around craftsmanship and entrepreneurship, inspires and connects makers, designers and entrepreneurs.



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