The 4th edition of Contemporary Design Market represents "Diversity in Design".

Towards a more inclusive design sector.

On 24 and 25 September 2022, the Gare Maritime -Tour & Taxis will once again be entirely dedicated to design. The Contemporary Design Market (CDM) will present some 50 designers based in Belgium, a mix of established names, up-and-coming talent and an innovative concept, BINÔME, which brings together a duo from different cultures. Guest of Honour this year is Studio Khachatryan of Armenian designer Noro Khachatryan.

During the last weekend of September, the revamped Gare Maritime at Tour & Taxis will be the place to host the Contemporary Design Market, where visitors will be able to discover and buy Belgian design directly from the designers. CDM wants to step away from the traditional design contexts and explore new design idioms.

For the fourth time, the event is coming to Brussels, inviting both professional and private design enthusiasts to discover the most diverse of the contemporary design scene. The 50 participating designers were selected by a committee of experts from more than 130 entries. 

"While today's multicultural society contains a wealth of tastes, styles, colours and fragrances, this diversity has not yet (sufficiently) penetrated the design field. CDM wants to be a game changer and launches the BINÔME project: two designers from different cultural backgrounds bring their know-how together. This is the starting point for an investigation into what connects them and ultimately results in a common visual language. In this way, CDM wants to bring about a change from within. This year is a year of transition, but from next year onwards, 3 BINÔMES will be launched." says design expert and co-organiser Hanne Debaere, Flanders DC

The Contemporary Design Market has been a regular part of the Design September programme for several years now. The event takes place simultaneously with the successful Brussels Design Market, which attracts more than 7,000 visitors annually. Visitors to CDM thus also have the opportunity to attend Europe's most famous vintage fair with more than 100 exhibitors. 






This year four guests of honour are part of Contemporary Design Market. Guest of Honour is Studio Khachatryan under the direction of Noro Khachatryan, the designer with Armenian roots based in Brussels. 

Their work ranges from sculptural objects to architectural designs made by hand, to elements for public and residential spaces, blending traditional craftsmanship with analytical gestures and natural materials.


For the first time CDM will also present a Binôme, a creative duo brought together to explore their different backgrounds and find a common design language. Within this framework, a Belgian designer and an artist from a different cultural background enter into a dialogue with each other. The result will be presented at CDM. 

Pieter Bostoen and Gilles Mayk Navangi both took part in Contemporary Design Market 2021 and this year they are joining forces. For this collaboration they have delved into their interests, motivations and world views in order to arrive at a project which can be representative of their identities. With this project, they want to draw attention to the tragic fate of various endangered species.

Young Guest of Honour

Thibeau Scarceriaux represents young upcoming Belgian talent, he studied industrial product development in Kortrijk and Amsterdam, and furniture design in Mechelen. He is currently active as an object designer and photographer. As a designer, he wants to break taboos by creating objects and functional works of art that encourage conversation. 



Adrien Mans - Amber Dewaele - ATELIER LEDA - Atelier Verdonck - BNKR Studio + Bunker D14 - Bram Kerkhofs Design Studio - CASH - COSEINCORSO - Daan De Wit Studio - Duplex Studio - Elias Van Orshaegen - Emma Cogné - Estelle Chatelin & Georges Ahokpe - Fractall - Frits Kuitenbrouwer - Futurewave - Giel Dedeurwaerder & Brent Neve - Gilles Mayk Navangi & Pieter Bostoen - Hanne Cornette - Holso - ID&A Thomas More Mechelen - Jan Goderis Design Lab - Jeff Rutten Objects - Kewlox - Laure Kasiers - Lou van 't Riet - Louise Daneels - LUCA SCHOOL OF ARTS - Mademoiselle Jo - Maison Tricot - Mala Leche Design - ONBETAALBAAR + HITCH concept - Paulineplusluis - Pawel Pwaniewski - Peter Donders - Sébastien Caporusso - SOULACE - Studio Nicolas Erauw - Studio Part - Studio Tim Somers - studiokhachatryan - Thibeau Scarcériaux - Thomas Renwart - Tine Loncin - - Wouter Persyn - Yves Obyn - ZaventemAteliers

Download the complete catalogue here

Catalogue designers CDM 22.pdf

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Practical info - Contemporary Design Market

Saturday 24 September 2022 from 10h-18h + Press preview at 10u30 (invite is following)

Sunday 25 september 2022 from 10h-17h

Gare Maritime (site Tour & Taxis)

Rue Picard 11, 1000 Brussels


About Contemporary Design Market

Contemporary Design Market is a unique platform, presentation and sales opportunity for both established and emerging Belgian based contemporary designers. Thé opportunity to meet Belgian designers and to discover and buy their works. Contemporary Design Market is part of the Design September programme and is an initiative of Flanders DC, Brussels Design September and Wallonie Design. 


Adorno - Feeling Wonen/ Gaël Maison - Nationa(a)l





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