These are the 20 design- and fashion talents to watch in 2024!

The '20 to watch'-list of Flanders DC

For the second year in a row, Flanders DC unveils its "20 to Watch" series, featuring highly promising and emerging talents. Get acquainted with twenty designers who have taken their first steps in the worlds of design and fashion, and whom Flanders DC believes will go far in 2024.


1. Illustrator Amber Gyselings

Amber Gyselings’ delicate illustrations arouse our curiosity for the ordinary things in life. This is her way of offering not only herself, but also her audience, a quiet moment in the hustle and bustle of life.

 “Playful freedom is very important to me” ​ — Amber Gyselings

• studied illustration at KASK School of Arts Ghent
• worked for Knack, Bossy and Humbug, among others
• has no affinity with anything digital, works completely manually

2. Furniture designer Arthur Vandergucht

Behind Arthur Vandergucht’s bold designs hides a rather timid emotional person. Since discovering his love for metal, he has been wholeheartedly committed to the material and his techniques.

“I always look through technically artistic glasses” — Arthur Vandergucht

• studied interior design at LUCA School of Arts Ghent
• exhibited his work at Collectible in Brussels and Alcova in Milan
• has his studio in his father’s garage


3. Jewellery label BOBBY

Robbe Nelissen’s edgy jewellery puts his brand BOBBY on the map. It is one big creative playground for him where he can experiment to the fullest with materials and techniques.

“A visual identity is so important in these times” — Robbe Nelissen

• graduated as a structural engineer and later trained as a goldsmith at Syntra
• collaborated with the Belgian Botter ​
• his creations are worn by DJ Zoey Hasselbank and supermodel Rose Bertram

4. Textile designer & artist Celina Vleugels

As a maker of fragile textile creations, Celina Vleugels works on the boundaries between visual and applied art. She strikes a sensitive chord with her poetic, melancholic work.

“Textiles have strong connecting qualities” — Celina Vleugels

• obtained a Master’s degree in painting and then textiles from LUCA School of Arts Ghent
• creates works in textiles as well as drawings and Riso prints
• will exhibit at Shoobil Gallery in Antwerp in 2024

5. Fashion designer Florentina Leitner

The Austrian Florentina Leitner has been studying fashion since she was 14. Her brand is an extension of her personality and a sample of her daily life.

“As a designer, problem-solving is your main activity” — Florentina Leitner

• graduated from the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp
• was voted Emerging Talent of the Year at the Belgian Fashion Awards 2022
• had her third show in Paris in September
• created a collection inspired by old masters for the Viennese auction house Dorotheum

6. Design studio Gosseye + Verbeke

Steven Gosseye and Dieter Verbeke design furniture, interiors and architecture in their multidisciplinary studio. Their highly technical, complementary background enhances the aesthetics of their designs.

“An ecological interior can also be finely detailed” Steven Gosseye en Dieter Verbeke

• Steven studied wood technology at HOGENT; Dieter graduated as a civil engineer-architect at Ghent University
• worked at Obumex, Glenn Sestig Architects and Element Architects, among others, over the past decade
• established their joint studio in 2020

7. Designer & artist Hussein Shikha

Inspired by the swirling tapestry art from his homeland Iraq, Hussein Shikha creates a multidisciplinary universe. By fusing Eastern and Western elements, he aims to achieve a more inclusive, less Eurocentric perception of art and design.

“A carpet radiates pure joy” — Hussein Shikha

• studied visual arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (KASK Antwerpen), and did postgraduate research in art and design at Sint Lucas Antwerpen
• moved from Iraq to Antwerp in 2009
• did residencies at Z33 and the Frans Masereel Centre

8. Graphic designer & art director Ilias Mettioui

With some international experience behind him, Ilias Mettioui now works as a freelance art director and graphic designer. Aesthetics and storytelling form an indivisible unity of two parts in his work.

“I have a weakness for beauty” — Ilias Mettioui

• studied graphic design at LUCA School of Arts Ghent
• continued to specialise as an art director
• works mainly for fashion clients such as Rombaut, D’heygere, Farfetch and Morobé

9. Furniture designer Joe Sterck

Averse to all conventions, Joe Sterck pursues his own distinct course. While still in school, he was already showing his designs in Milan. 

“I like to make a statement” — Joe Sterck

• studied interior design and later furniture design (VOMO) at Thomas More University College Mechelen
• was part of the Belgium is Design selection for the Milan Salone Satellite 2023
• presented his work at the Art & Design Fair 2023

10. Judassime by performance artist & designer Benjamin Voortmans

Judassime is the alter ego of non-binary Benjamin Voortmans. Their performance project is gradually growing into a full-fledged label. The focus is on semi-couture with a dark edge, but there will also be ready-to-wear.

“I look at a reality that not everyone wants to see” — Benjamin Voortmans

• founded Judassime in 2020
• well-known fans are Tom Eerebout (stylist for Lady Gaga and Rita Ora) and Walter Van Beirendonck
• will collaborate with street-style icon Julia Fox for the ready-to-wear

11. Shoe brand L’EDGE

Marlou Browaeys, Dempsey Pauwels and Evelien Sommen founded L’EDGE in 2020. Meanwhile, their edgy men’s shoes with unconventional lines and quirky colour combinations are catching on. 

"We bring innovation to the world of men’s shoes" — Marlou Browaeys, Dempsey Pauwels en Evelien Sommen

• the trio met each other at the fashion academy of Sint-Niklaas
• won prizes at the Global Footwear Awards in 2020, 2021 and 2022
• worn by Gustaph, Bolis Pupul and Bazart, among others

12. Fashion designer Marie Bernadette Woehrl

The German Marie Bernadette Woehrl only recently started her niche label of wearable leather creations and has already won a major award. She makes her designs herself by hand.

“My craftsmanship is in the end result” — Marie Bernadette Woehrl

• studied at the Accademia Costume & Moda in Rome
• worked for Ann Demeulemeester for seven months in 2020 as an accessories designer
• won the Première Classe 2023 talent award

13. Designer Marijke Jans

In her second youth, Marijke Jans discovered her love for furniture and objects. Because she doesn’t want to contribute to the waste mountain, she created her own biodegradable material. 

"I am happy to take on a pioneering role" — Marijke Jans

• studied interior design at Thomas More University College Mechelen
• likes the combination of creativity and technicality
• innovates with a material based on residual coffee streams

14. Textile designers Ana Naskidashvili & Frederik Poisquet with Morevi

Ana Naskidashvili and Frederik Poisquet’s deep blue-coloured felted tapestries bring forgotten crafts back to life under the name of Morevi. The deliberately primitive-looking pieces are a conceptual ode to the beauty of nature. 

"Our creations have a strong soul" — Ana Naskidashvili en Frederik Poisquet

• consists of Ana Naskidashvili and Frederik Poisquet
• she studied graphic design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (KASK Antwerpen), and he studied experimental film at KASK School of Arts Ghent
• revive Georgia’s craft traditions

15. Type designer Otis Verhoeve

While typography is the basis of any graphic design, it remains a niche. Although Otis Verhoeve finds endless creative possibilities in it. 

"Type design takes a huge amount of time" — Otis Verhoeve

• studied graphic design at LUCA School of Arts Ghent
• subsequently trained in type design at Plantin - Institute of Typography
• likes to be inspired by historical fonts

16. Fashion designer Pol Vogels

Pol Vogels draws inspiration for his expressive designs from our Belgian cultural heritage and personal family stories. Now comes his biggest challenge: his first proper collection.

“If I don’t feel good, I can’t design” — Pol Vogels

• graduated from the fashion academy of Sint-Niklaas
• designed the outfit for Princess Delphine for the 2022 National Day
• also works as a team leader in a made-to-measure company

17. Interior- & furniture designer An Gillis with Studio Naan

The fact that An Gillis with Studio Naan chooses a different technique and material for each project forces her to collaborate. Although she actually gets a lot of energy from that. 

“Traditional crafts are an important source of innovation” — An Gillis

• studied Interior Design (OHO) at Thomas More University College Mechelen
• likes to be inspired by history
• designs without compromise as a secondary occupation

18. Fashion designer Tessa Borrenberghs

With her feminine and minimal designs, Limburg-based Tessa Borrenberghs fuses sustainability and luxury fashion. Functionality is her top priority.

“Clothes should support people” — Tessa Borrenberghs

• studied industrial design at LUCA School of Arts Ghent
• subsequently studied sustainability business management at the University of Cambridge and the University of the Arts in London
• was nominated for a Belgian Fashion Award as Emerging Talent of the Year 2023

19. Jewellery brand The Promise

Erin Helsen has been a visual artist for 12 years, and her intuitive visual language also trickles down to her jewellery brand The Promise. She works with residual streams and wants to facilitate social connections through her project.

“I believe in the power of slowness” — Erin Helsen

• works in a mix of activism and beauty ​
• worked on an embroidery project last year together with Doek vzw and artist and grief guide Valentine Kempynck
• participates as a mentee in the Mentorship Network of Flanders DC together with mentor Jasmijn Verlinden

20. Fashion brand YENTSÉ

YENTSÉ stands for sophisticated tailoring, where the details make the silhouette. The Chinese Yanze Jin mixes Eastern and Western influences with his label.

“I express my vision mainly in the cut and the shape” — Yanze Jin

• studied fashion and textiles at the Wuhan Textile University in China
• graduated from the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp
• since then, rapper Russ and DJ Snake have already worn his designs
• in addition to YENTSÉ, he also has the street-style brand Nonstop Worldwide


More information or imagery about the 20 to watch can be requested through ​ ​

Above excerpts are from the interviews conducted by David Devriendt & Elien Haentjens. The full interviews will be released online in January 2024 through


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